Meditation Candle Kit

This kit was created for your meditation practice by incorporating crystals. When you combine crystals to your meditation practice, you take it to the next level. It is like you open a vortex. Holding crystals and surround yourself with their energy deepens both your meditation and your connection with the Earth. 

Meditation Candle 

  • Clear Quartz - Focus on yourself without judgment. Don’t be fooled by its abundance, as a master healer the clear quartz can bring you an abundance of positivity and can help unlock a deep soul cleanse.


  • Beach Sage Fragrance – Scent profile – Fresh green notes with hints of spearmint, rose, and lily. Our herbal medley to help guide you to your center.


  • Blue – A primary color. The color of the firmament and of the ocean, a color that represents peace and center. A color that creates a positive effect on your mind and body allowing you to focus on your peaceful practice of self-care.

Crystal Options for your practice and their elements


  • Amethyst quartz clusters: Amplify the soothing purple ray of the divine light and enables you to calm the conscious mind so that wisdom and guidance of the intuitive self can surface.


  • Clear Quartz: Best known for meditation because it can help you with your specific intentions. If you are asking for guidance this is the crystal for you. 


  • Selenite: Helps to clear your mind and relax your body. Its properties help release negative energy and energy blockage. It also brings a flow of positive energy. 


  • Rose Quartz: During meditation rose quartz helps ease emotional disharmony as it reminds us of the gentle love offered to us daily. It helps soothe emotional trauma.

All crystals are shaped differently and not one crystal is the same. We will send a crystal very similar to the one pictured. 

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