New Moon Candle Ritual Kit

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start, making it the ideal time to make wishes, set intentions, and plant new seeds. Our New Moon ritual allows you to honor the energy of the Moon. It is a mindful moment for your dreams and goals. It also allows you to stay in touch with your divine self. The power of combing crystals and writing your intentions cannot be understated.


New Moon

  • Moon Stone – Allow its healing properties to bring you into a new beginning. Sooth your stress and stabilize your being through its calming abilities. Its adularescence is a play on light that will bring you balance and wishes.


  • White Tea Fragrance – Scent profile – Fresh brewed tea top notes and citrus, theme ginger, and jasmine notes for a calming effect.


  • Black – Known as the absence of color, we chose black because it is enduring and dependable, two qualities that you need for a new beginning.

Crystals options for your New Moon Ritual Kit

  • Rose Quartz - Vibrates unconditional love that opens your heart to every type of love. Love for yourself, love for your partner, love for your passions, the love that is within. 


  • Clear quartz -  energizes and activates the chakras. It raises and amplifies the energy level of any other healing crystal. Clear quartz can be programmed to hold your intentions so that they constantly put it into the universe, even when you are not aware of it. 


  • Selenite -  is perfect for all types of energy cleansing. It's a powerful healing and cleansing crystal that has the ability to clear, protect, and shield your body's energy and your space. 


  • Labradorite: Helps to purify your energy and connect with the energy of the light. It helps clear and open the chakras. It stimulates your inner awareness, brings you closer to you discovering your true self. It helps unfold your true purpose.

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