My Lumina is a small private manufacturer that is passionate about making the best possible candles. We have a thorough testing process assuring that each candle burns to our standards. Our candles have a consistent wax pool with a strong scent throw. We wish to provide our customers with a candle that can create a positive experience or enhance positivity in their lives.

My Lumina candles reflect our sense of curiosity and continuous desire to learn with each candle having a theme and purpose.With My Lumina candles we connect with our customers as the elements that make up each candle are chosen because they serve an intentional purpose. 

Each candle in my Lumina is made with a natural soy wax blend. There is a green advantage to burning soy wax candles as the soy blend makes our candles non toxic. We use a cotton wick with no metal inserted to produce a clean burn. Our candles are of high quality at times outperforming “luxury” candles and still reasonably priced.