Chakra Love Heart Candle Duo
SPIRITUAL CLEANSING: Use our sage smudging love kit to perform a spiritual love cleanse. Use the kit to create positive energy if you find yourself in a tense or negative relationship, or for spiritual awareness or as a smudging kit for love attraction.

WHITE SAGE INFUSED CANDLE: With strong aromatic properties, white sage is used in traditional cleansing rituals to drive away negative energy, bad dreams, negative influences, and sickness.

CHAKRA LOVE HEART CANDLE: This candle helps you attract or intensify the love of your soulmate. It is created with love and positive vibes to create the desired effect.



1) Light the sage candle as a guide throughout the room.
2) Start from the left side of the door and stay to the left as you move through the area being cleansed while saying a prayer asking for positive energy.
3) When smudging carry the sage candle to each corner of the room.
4) Pay homage to the cardinal directions, east, west, north, south.
5) Once you return to the door shoot the smoke out to remove negative energy.
6) If smudging another person use smudge on self first, offer positive intention or prayers.
7) After the cleanse continue with love attraction candle and call the name of the person you want to attract while burning the candle.
8) Let the candles burn completely and never leave them unattended. These candles help you attract or intensify the love of your soulmate.

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