Energy Cleansing Kit

Energy Cleansing Kit

Purification Sage Lavender candle 6.5 oz: Home blessing and spirit cleansing soy candle, made with palo santo, white sage, and lavender essential oils. Our candle can be used at any time to maintain a clean aura throughout your home or office. With strong aromatic properties, white sage is used in traditional cleansing rituals to drive away negative energy, bad dreams, negative influences, and sickness.

Charging Selenite Crystal Heart Bowl (measures 4")

The perfect way to recharge your beautiful crystals and your space. It is important to restore your crystal's energy and to keep your space free of negativity.
* Selenite amplifies the energies of other crystals.
* It allows crystals to vibrate at their full potential
* It purifies the air in the room it is placed in
* It brings harmony and peace
* clears your mind of negative thoughts

Healing Properties of Selenite
* Serenity
* Clarity
* Intuition
* Protection
* Cleansing
* Purification
* Awareness

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